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Do you have corrosive or Chinese drywall? Welcome to JJ Staten Homes - A Company that takes remediations SERIOUS ! Cape Coral, Lee County Florida

We are a "TURN KEY" Service Company that offers - Full Remediation’s, Evidence Preservation Storage, Environmental Insurance Coverage, Disinfecting & Deodorizing ALL Of Your Hard Goods, Furniture and Most Soft Goods - Moving & Storage Companies, Relocation Financing and Multi Home Discounts are also available

Getting Techie On Chinese Drywall March 11, 2017

Getting Techie On Chinese Drywall. ( – While current news coverage on the subject of Chinese drywall might be concentrating on the various pending lawsuits, affected homeowners should be glad to know that one federal agency is working on the case—overtime. That would be the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).CPSC read post

Remember Chinese Drywall? March 11, 2017

Remember Chinese Drywall? By Michael D. Shaw   Remember Chinese Drywall? A few years ago, I wrote several stories on the matter of tainted and corrosive Chinese Drywall, including this one. Basically, thousands of people in several states were victimized by the effects of certain drywall products, which emitted a read post