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Do you have corrosive or Chinese drywall? Welcome to JJ Staten Homes - A Company that takes remediations SERIOUS !

We are a "TURN KEY" Service Company that offers - Full Remediation’s, Evidence Preservation, Evidence Preservation Storage, Environmental Insurance Coverage, Disinfecting & Deodorizing ALL Of Your Hard Goods, Furniture and Most Soft Goods - Moving & Storage Companies, Relocation Financing and Multi Home Discounts are also available

Does your home have corrosive Chinese Drywall?

Have JJ Staten Homes remediate your home. We are a company that is CERTIFIED to use "SNiPER® - The Ideal Biocide !

We follow Judge Fallon's protocol and take it one step further, using SNiPER® to guarantee that anything to do with Corrosive Drywall is gone forever. After all you have been through; isn’t this the proection you deserve?

These are "TELL TALE" signs of your home possibly having Corrosive Drywall !

Was your home constructed or remodeled during the "BOOM" years of 2004 to 2007 or as early as 2001 ?

Does your home have a burnt match or a burnt fireworks smell inside ? Do you or any of your family members have any symptoms such as itchy and irritated eyes, bloody noses, difficulty breathing, bronchitis or asthma symptoms ?


Does your home have corrosive Chinese Drywall?

If you have any of these "TELL TALE" signs, Call JJ Staten Homes at 1-800-481-1961

We are a company that is CERTIFIED to use SNiPER® - The Ideal Biocide !

Why do we use SNiPER® in our Corrosive or Chinese Drywall Remediation process?

SNiPER® attacks H2S off-gassing and all odors that are left behind on the interior of the home's structure, on your hard goods, furniture and any other items that have been exposed. By attacking it at the molecular level, it is eliminated! SNiPER® also kills bacteria, mold and viruses! Therefore, it will kill any bacteria that is present as a result of the CDW. It has been proven effective in this process through core sampling from a 3rd party lab to completely eradicate all residual off gassing and odors in over 50 homes and counting. We can treat all hard good and most soft goods throughout your home successfully!

SNiPER® kills its target by mechanical action which is to say it physically disassembles vital structural components of the organism at the molecular level. This is important for two main reasons reasons, first no organism can reproduce or continue to function after being rendered into component parts and second unlike traditional disinfectants which are metabolic toxins, no organism an develop an immunity response or any other evolved or acquired defense against the action of SNiPER®.

Corrosive Drywall Inspection Experts (IES: Intuitive Environmental Services)

Intuitive Environmental Solutions, LLC (IES) is an environmental consulting and inspection firm specializing in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and microbial (mold) contamination issues. IES was established to provide inspection and consulting services to municipalities, educational entities, the the health service industry, and commercial and residential markets of Southwest Florida, including Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Sanibel, Captiva, Bonita Springs, Naples, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda and other communities in Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties.

Inspections for a residential home includes:

Inspection for drywall manufacturer markings in attic spaces and inside of wall cavities Video borescope used to assist internal wall inspections, Visual indications of blackening of copper plumbing, coils, crome fixtures, mirrors and other metals Inspect air handler, refrigerator, circuit breaker box and water tank metal components Comprehensive report with findings, extensive digital photograph evidence, references and detailed testing information.


We STRONGLY recommend you compare apples to apples and DUE DILIGENCE. Make sure everything that we include in our contract is included in our competitions' contract.

We have seen competitors' pricing lower per square foot than ours, BUT, after comparing apples to apples, we saw that MOST of them didn't include:

Treating your home and personal belongings with a Biocide that neutralizes the persistent and lingering odors resulting from exposure to the gases released from the Chinese drywall that have impregnated your building materials, furniture, clothing and other items, Post Clearance Testing to assure us there is no residual off gassing, cleaned and tested building materials and an Inspectors Documented Report of new Drywall installed to name just a few items we deem very important in our stringent protocol. We have totaled up everything and our competitor’s pricing was HIGHER than ours.

We follow the MOST STRINGENT PROTOCOL available today which is endorsed by the nationwide activist - the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center for the State of Florida.

You need to be assured you're going to get the best job for the best price. Make sure that the contractors are licensed and fully insured for Tainted Corrosive Drywall remediation work. We don't ever want to see anyone having to do this all over again.

Everything is included in our pricing including removing, treating and reinstalling all of your appliances, cabinets, tops, sinks, tubs and window sills. We remove them and store them in a POD (POD to store these items is included in our price).

There is NO NEED TO DISCARD ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL BELONGINGS. We will Clean, Disinfect and Deodorize ALL of your hard goods and most of your soft goods. We have been in a numerous amount of homes that have been Remediated and didn't use a Biocide and the RESIDUAL ODORS ARE STILL IN THEIR HOME AND PERSONAL BELONGINGS

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