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Over 35 Years of Home Building Excellence

Builders with over 35 years experience and over 750 completed homes, based in Cape Coral Lee County Florida, we are proud to continue the same quality of service and construction each and every year.

JJ Staten Homes LLC is a family owned and operated Building Company in Cape Coral, providing local home owners and businesses alike with a local construction service that is professional courteous and timely, along with very competitive pricing, no job is to small for our full attention or to large for us to expertly complete. We take a great deal of pride in the Homes and Homeowners we have matched up happily over the years along with the friendships of trust they have formed.

We won't be beaten on quality or value for money against any other Local Licensed Building Contractor. All of our work is guaranteed to be Right the first time! Whether you need us to Remediate Chinese Drywall or build a new extension to your existing home, we build new custom homes from our design packages or to the specifications that suite your requirements.

Why Us?

Why Choose JJ Staten Homes?

JJ Staten Homes differentiates itself from its competition by emphasizing personalized service, quality, and affordability. We at JJ Staten Homes are dedicated to building superior homes at an affordable rate. The importance of quality has been instilled into all of our employees through years of building experience. Furthermore, we at JJ Staten Homes still believe in the legacy of of quality and reliability inherited from generations of building experience.

In the Community?

We have now geared up to help homeowners remodel existing homes and have completed over 135 homes for investors and homeowners. As a leading contractor in the state of Florida, we are helping restore individual and families lives through proper protocol Chinese Drywall remediation.

Chinese Drywall

Chinese Drywall - What is it?

Chinese drywall or (CDW) is a name given to a specific type of drywall that was manufactured in China and imported into the United States during the construction boom in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, as well as other states from about 2001 to 2007. After a lengthy investigation authorities have determined that not all drywall from China was defective and you should always rely on experienced professionals when determining if you have substandard drywall in your home or business.

The contaminated drywall contained materials like sulfur, iron, and strontium that produced a sulfur or rotten egg odor throughout the residence. Noticeable signs of contamination include severe corrosion of copper tubing, electrical wires, copper plumbing, as well as other metal components in your home appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioner units.

Is Chinese Drywall Making You Sick?

This corrosive drywall has also been linked to an increase in health problems, which include symptoms like: irritated and itchy eyes and skin, difficulty in breathing, persistent cough, bloody nose, recurrent headaches, sore throats, sinus infections, and an increase in asthma attacks. The long-term health effects to humans are unknown at this time.

Chinese Drywall Remediation?

We Take Remediations SERIOUS !

We are a "TURN KEY" Service Company that offers - Full Remediations, Evidence Preservation, Evidence Preservation Storage, Environmental Insurance Coverage, Disinfecting & Deodorizing ALL Of Your Hard Goods, Furniture and Most Soft Goods - Moving & Storage Companies, Relocation Services, Financing and Multi Home Discounts are also available

JJ Staten Homes follows the MOST STRINGENT PROTOCOL available today which is endorsed by the nationwide consumer activist - the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center for the State of Florida.

You need to be assured you are going to get the best job for the best price. Make sure that the contractors are licensed and fully insured for Tainted Corrosive Drywall Remediation work. We do not ever want to see anyone having to do this all over again.

Everything is included in our pricing. Some items are removing, treating and reinstalling all of your appliances, cabinets, tops, sinks, tubs and window sills. We remove them and store them in a POD in your driveway (POD to store these items is included in our price).

SNiPER® Biocide

We use SNiPER the ideal biocide

We follow the Judge Fallon protocols and take it one step further, using SNiPER®, to guarantee that anything to do with Corrosive or CDW is gone forever. After all you have been through; this is the protection you deserve!

We are a company that is CERTIFIED to use SNiPER® - The Ideal Biocide !

Why do we use SNiPER® in our Corrosive or CDW Remediation process?

SNiPER® attacks H2S off-gassing and all odors that are left behind on the interior of the structure, on your hard goods, furniture and any other items that have been exposed. By attacking it at the molecular level, it is eliminated! SNiPER® also kills bacteria, mold and viruses! Therefore, it will kill any bacteria that is present as a result of the Chinese drywall. It has been proven effective in this process through core sampling from a 3rd party lab to completely eradicate all residual off gassing and odors in over 50 homes and counting. We can treat all hard good and most soft goods throughout your home successfully!