Do You Have Corrosive Drywall???

Do You Have Corrosive Drywall???

Thanks to a breakthrough in environmental science technology, we are able to offer a solution to the challenging problem of toxic drywall off gassing. SNiPER® is a revolutionary environmental restoration product, that consists of a unique application of nano-technology designed to address the most challenging indoor environmental issues. SNiPER® is a powerful new tool in the fight to eliminate product off-gassing of volatile organic compounds which, unaddressed, can cause a number of health and safety problems. SNiPER® is the certified green solution to VOC and toxic drywall remediation. SNiPER® is next generation chemistry, a new era of remediation quality. With SNiPER® we can eliminate hydrogen sulfide, sulfur compounds and more odors without the use of harsh chemicals that create additional health risks. SNiPER® is powerful, safe, eco friendly and easy to use and best of all it is not harmful to you, your home, your pets and your environment. SNiPER® is named The Ideal Biocide by Herman Sabath, Ph.D. MPH CMC/CMI, Global Leader in Microbial Infections and Indoor Environments.

Safe Removal of Reactive Sulfur

Sulfur gases have a noxious odor and may cause adverse health effects.
SNiPER® destroys these noxious odors by mechanical action. It physically disassembles vital structural components of the compound at the molecular level. SNiPER® actively mitigates volatile organic compounds, which come in many forms such as formaldehyde, methane, ammonia, glutaraldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur and long-chain complex hydrocarbons such as gasoline or diesel. All of these and more are targets actively sought out by SNiPER®. VOCs are mitigated by molecular dissolution. The volatile nature of these compounds makes them especially vulnerable to SNiPER®’s jack-hammer style micro-oxidative action which breaks the molecule so completely that secondary toxic by-products are never created and residues are not left behind as a result of the SNiPER® action. SNiPER® can be relied upon to deliver consistent results in the field, whether the target is virus, bacteria, fungus, yeast, VOC or odor. SNiPER® will kill its target every time. SNiPER® is used in the most rigorous and demanding applications. Finally, SNiPER® is extremely effective in bio odor mitigation. SNiPER®’s ability to physically disassemble vital structural components of odor causing organisms allows SNiPER® to eliminate odors at the molecular level, as opposed to other products that mask odors with perfumes and fragrances. SNiPER® is able to break down and remove odors from skunk, cat urine, decay and much more.

Remediation in Florida

SNiPER® is being used in Florida at this time to treat and recover homes that have been plagued with toxic drywall gas emissions. Nearly 40 homes have been treated in the state of Florida. Since being treated with SNiPER®, all homes are free of toxic chemical residue, residual contamination, and toxic gas emissions, confirmed through independent analytical testing.

Issues related to toxic drywall

• a rotten egg smell or smell similar to lighting a match or fireworks
• blackened and corroded metal components in homes and frequent
replacement of metal components in air conditioning units
Health Issues and Symptoms related to Chinese Drywall
• irritated and itchy eyes and skin
• difficulty breathing
• nasal irritation
• recurrent headaches
• sinus infection
• exacerbation of asthma

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